Thursday, December 18, 2008

Jacie's birth

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Okay, so these are old pictures but still worth sharing on the blog! My mom is going through her old pictures and putting them together in these little smilebox scrapbooks. So here's some pictures to share of when Jacie was born. Hopefully soon I'll get some UPDATED pictures shared as well! If only I had a few more hours in my day:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008


I was so shocked and excited to find out our family gets to be featured in AtHome America's 09 catalog!!! Yippeee!!! This was after the photo shoot.....I'm surprised we could squeeze one more smile out! I now have much more respect for America's Top Model....modeling is hard work!!
Joelle getting ready to go in for a 'trial run' of what preschool will be like! Backpack...check!
First day of preschool.....she's all smiles and ready to go!
Jacie was really happy too....I think that smile faded once she realized her sister got to go play and have fun while she had to go home and take a nap in our quiet house which mom LOVES!
Getting 'fitted' for her flower girl dress that Bedsta(Janet) made for her and Jacie for Auntie Jenny's & Nick's upcoming wedding in a couple of weeks! She even got a trial run on her hair by Auntie Jessie....just like the bride!!

Oh how time flies!

Ok, this was supposed to be down at the bottom but I don't know how to rearrange them, so whatever! Anyway, this was in Omaha....we went on a horse and carriage ride....just like Cinderella! Joelle LOVED it!! It was her fairy tale come true!

Lots of time was spent either at the pool or playing in the little pool this summer!

So I intended on keeping up on this daily, weekly, at LEAST monthly....that was 6 months ago! But I will say I did try in the meantime and had some problems getting logged in so that was out of my control! Anyway, here are the latest and greatest pictures to share from the Wessels fam!Jacie's 1 year pictures!
On our family vacation to Omaha....we traveled with our good friends, the Koenens, and visited my good friend and roommate from college, Heather, and her family.
The kids were so excited to get to ride on the train! (Claire, Mason, Joelle & Camden)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Sledding before snow melts

Last week we took the girls sledding before the snow all started melting. It was really cold that day so we weren't out for long but we went up to Orchard Hill church and went down the hill 5 or 6 times. The last time, Joelle and I went WAY down into the weeds of the ditch which Joelle thought was really fun on her new blow-up sled from Christmas (mommy had fun too)! Then got warmed up with cocoa. The girls got matching dresses from Aunt Lori with frogs on them....perfect for a St.Patty's day picture!! Jacie looked so cute in her headband that practically took up her whole head! Joelle cut a lock of her hair off yesterday, but I can't really tell where on her head it came from, so I was thankful for that! Could have been much worse. Jacie is up and down the stairs constantly. She's also started crawling up on the little white rocking chair, on to the end table, and onto the couch so she can look out the window! She knows she's not supposed to and looks back over her shoulder and gives a big gummy grin when she gets caught. Joelle loves playing with her babies (or stuffed animals, or shoe or button....whatever she can pretend is a little baby she can take care of!). She's also great at 'cleaning' the bathroom sink (aka....squirting all the toothpaste in the sink so that she can then smear it around and then clean it back up with a soaking wet towel that drips all over the floor!) In the end, she does get it pretty clean! She also loves to play in her kitchen and on my birthday brought be breakfast in bed consisting of a plastic pancake, chocolate chip cookie, banana, and hot chocolate. She'll definitely be a great little caretaker/home maker when she grows up!!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

2007 Wessels Year-at-a-Glance

I confess, I never got a Christmas letter mailed out this year. I planned on doing a late "Happy New Year" one, but that didn't happen either. So instead, I'm finally getting a blog put together like I've wanted to for the past couple of years! Hopefully I'll be able to keep this up to date more often and can share pictures of the girls and maybe even some of the funny stories that happen at our house with those who care to hear about us:) Life just goes by so quickly. I hate the fact that if I don't write things down or take pictures, I forget so many precious moments in life but at the same time, I don't want to be missing those moments all together because I'm spending time trying to keep scrapbooks and journals updated!! The girls are just really growing up fast and I already find myself wishing I could stop time and be able to cherish their time when they're little even more. I'm so thankful to be living my life in a way I dreamed I would be 10 years ago...married to my best friend, raising kids that I love in a Christian home, close to our family and friends, working from home so I can spend the most time possible with my kids, and overall happy! And had I not taken the time to write these goals down back then, I may not have realized I'm actually living my dream today! So that's exactly why I want to take the time to start this blog now. It's not perfect (you may want to start at the bottom of the pictures and go up if you like stuff to be in order....which I do), but I'm deciding I've now spent enough time learning new technology for today and now it's time to go play with my I'm leaving it as is! Enjoy! Shelly

Our family together on Christmas morning before Josh left for work. Later the girls got dressed for church in their matching dresses that Bedsta made and got pictures with Grammy, Great Grammy and friends Camden and Brooklyn.
Jacie is trying hard to keep up with her big sister. She is crawling everywhere, including through the coffee table! Peek!

For Halloween, Jacie was the softest (and cutest) little lamb ever and Joelle was a princess...there's rarely a day we don't see her in this outfit...high heels, jewelry, lipstick & all!
Joelle's really been paying attention to how to feed a baby...we about died when we told her to go feed her baby and she sat down in her chair, pulled up her shirt and started feeding her!!

Me and my girls!!
Oh Joelle....never a dull moment with this girl! She was lucky her parents were trying to figure out whether to laugh or cry when they found this mess of Hersey's chocolate syrup drizzled all over her and the carpet and furniture.
Brad and Jen got married in Seattle. Joelle was the flower girl and was caught by their photographer trying a sample of the cake!
Josh and I (& Jacie) went on an Alaskan Cruise that I earned through AtHome America!
Joelle LOVES her little sister and wants to hold and kiss (and carry!) her all the time!
March 27th at 3:01pm...Jacie Lynn Wessels was born....she's just beautiful and so loved!

Dropping off Joelle at Grammy's on the way to the hospital to have a baby!
Joelle lovingly kisses her sister in mommy's tummy....not much longer to wait!

Joelle found lots of mischivious ways to keep herself busy like getting into mommy's makeup!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Here's to trying new things....

Well, I finally took the time to get a blog set up! It was a New Year's resolution from LAST year! Hopefully this will be an easy way for me to share some pictures of Joelle and Jacie with everyone who'd like to see them:)